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real estate blog ideas

Get free content for your real estate blog: real estate blog ideas

If you are thinking of starting a real estate blog, you are hesitant because of your hesitation because there are many more demands in your time real estate blog ideas . You’re ready to join. For posts you do not have to create new ideas and it may not be a huge challenge you think it is.

A significant blog is already rich, and it is only 14 months old. It carries a current Google PageRank of 4, holds the position five on the first page of search results for the most competitive key phrase for its market and it is published in 785 posts.

Yes, it looks fantastic, but here’s the idea – the blog owner did not write to anyone at all. So, He wrote anywhere from 65 to 75 percent. Where did you come from?

Where to find free blogs: Real estate blog ideas

Other blogs come from an employee of the city, whose job was to promote the city to residents and tourists, and they did not pay the dime for the blog owner. City staff sends regular weekly emails, sometimes two, three, or four weeks.

Highlights the communities in email, the meeting agenda and minutes in town, and what’s going on in other government and business information. They were usually somewhere between 500 and 1000 words long. They were not posted on the city’s website. They are sent to a comprehensive email list.

The blog owner wanted permission to post them on his blog. He was thrilling to the prospect.After that, The owner of the blog got the relevant original content with the city. Therefore, which often touches on real estate matters. All he did was receive his emails, copie text and images, and past them in a blog post – of course with his permission.

In conclusion, If you do not have any helpful city staff at your fingertips, consider local landlords. So, Sub-divisions, small towns, and major companies often send email newsletters. After that, They do not have a website and / or have the ability or ability to supply this information properly in their times. So, All you have to do is put their website to help find their information.

A little pointer

Firstly, Make it easy for everyone involved by receiving direct copies of email newsletters. This is usually a copy / paste operation, and you can place it within minutes of these posts, even if it is 1000 or more words.

Secondly, Keep in mind that this is only applicable to email newsletters and the like. So, Do not copy anyone’s website off. It is piracy and theft, and it may have legal restrictions. and to ensure that it is OK. So, do not lift it from the newsletter without checking with the source.

Therefore, Not getting about this content. After that, It’s a new way of networking as well. So, These people will appreciate your blog for promoting their interests and it will become second nature for them, “If you missed the email, then go to this real estate blog to get our latest newsletter.” You are networking and friendship with friends who appreciate your help with their promotional efforts.

To sum up, do not leave your own copy of writing a little. Someone knows your business like you do When you have some time and stop frustrated to give some extra rage to your blog.

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